Cheppers is one of the leading Drupal companies in Budapest, Hungary, with a team of 37 Drupal, Cloud Engineer and UX/UI experts. 
Over the years, we have been incredibly fortunate to cultivate a team of highly skilled developers, as well as relationships with some fantastic clients. We are always searching for interesting, complex projects to work on, but above all, we take pride delivering the highest quality product, no matter what the project is. 
We have worked a huge variety of projects; whether it’s a simple portfolio site with a unique theme, an enterprise level e-learning system, a backend to communicate with a mobile application through web services, a multi-site installation of webshops integrated with an external stock tracker software, or when there simply isn't a module for what you need - we can do it.

We are active members of the local and international Drupal community and we are sponsoring Drupalaton, as the event is a great opportunity for Drupalists to get together to strenghten their knowledge. 



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