If you would like to help us in organizing Drupalaton 2016, you're at the right place! 
We are looking for volunteers who have some time to dedicate for the camp before and during the camp as well. Please let us know what are the areas you could help out with and how much time can you dedicate to it. Here's a form to apply, we will get in touch with you soon!



Our volunteers

We would like to say a huge thank you to our volunteers who help Drupalaton to be a wonderful DrupalCamp!

Tamás Pintér
Zsófi Major
Csaki Istvan
Gábor Reisinger
5NET Interactive
Petr Illek
Drupal.cz & Morpht.com
Győző Fent
Aranyponty Zrt, #FentDesign
László Kenyeres
5NET Interactive
Andor Dávid
Balazs Ertl-Bakos
MDE Localization Workgroup
Adam Boros
Shady Squad
Gábor Tompa
Szilvia Szalontai


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