We are Lemberg - mobile & web development company based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Starting from 2007, we at Lemberg strive for most ambitious, creative and innovative ideas - and we help businesses, startups and agencies to make idea into reality.

We value people over process and constantly looking for motivated, enthusiastic and talented professionals to to join us in our journey. At Lemberg you will find exciting and challenging projects, friendly and engaging professional team. You will work with customers located around the globe, meet them in our office and travel to visit their locations. Also you will have a chance to work on internal R&D projects, your own ideas, become a part of local and global communities, contribute to open source, visit conferences and industry events.

Be sure to find our team members at worldwide and local Drupal events like DrupalCons, Drupal Café Lviv monthly meetups, Drupal Global Training Days, Code Sprints, and more.
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